Team Elimination Rules


Eliminate the Opposing Team’s Colored Scoring Areas before they eliminate yours.


  1. Throw the axe and stick it to eliminate a scoring area and score points. If each team sticks the target and it goes all the way around to the original team, then the original team can call a new shot.
  2. If the axe blade is touching the outer ring of a scoring area, it counts for that scoring area and the area is eliminated.
  3. Every complete turn the remaining scoring areas rotate to a different alternating position.
  4. If a red or blue player accidentally hits their own color, then the scoring area they hit must be eliminated.
  5. If your axe blade is touching two different scoring areas, count the higher score and/or your scoring area.
  6. If your axe falls out of the board before the score is determined, the shot counts as a miss.
  7. The team who eliminates all of the other teams scoring areas first, wins!