Now Playing: LASERTRON’s Battle Royale Squads

  • Objective: Eliminate all other squads to achieve victory.
  • Details: Form into squads of up to 4 players and compete to become the sole surviving squad. If you get eliminated, you will join the Purple Storm to finish off the remaining squads. Each round your squad is assigned a new starting sector, so every round is different and exciting.

Now Playing: LASERTRON’s Headquarters

  • Objective: Destroy all of the opposing team’s Headquarters
  • Details: Two Teams – Red vs Green. Each Team works together to destroy all of the opposing team’s Headquarters before the game time expires plus Recharging/Re-Spawning = High Intensity Game.

Duration: 40 minutes (briefing time plus 5 to 8 rounds of gameplay)

Player Gear: LASERTRON’s LT-12.9 PRO laser tag equipment.

Arena: Unique and massive, multi-level LASERTRON designed LED Illuminated laser tag arena. This arena is 3 to 4 times larger than most laser tag arenas in the United States!

  • Capacity: 46 Players

Height Requirements: Adult and Youth players must be 42”, or taller, to participate.

Health Benefits: Treat your body to a calorie burn of up to 1,000 calories when you play two sessions of LASERTRON laser tag!