Job Application


We employ energetic, smiling, intelligent people who take pride in providing exceptional customer service. They continually strive to be the best by doing their jobs efficiently and effectively.

  1. We demand honesty from our employees.
  2. New employees are hired on a six-week trial basis, beginning with their first day of work.
  3. LASERTRON employees must comprehend and communicate a great deal of information. The job is not as easy as it may appear.
  4. If you are willing and able to work diligently as part of a team to make our customers happy, this could be the perfect job for you.
  5. At LASERTRON, we work as a team to provide the best possible service.
  6. LASERTRON is hard work. However, by serving the customers and knowing that you’ve done the very best at what you set out to do, it is also very rewarding.
  7. You must be available to work at least 2 weekend shifts per week. You must have at least 6 hours of availability during store hours on all 3 days. A weekend shift includes Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
  8. You may not have more than one stud earring per ear. Tongue, eyebrow, or other facial piercings are not acceptable. Tattoos that are visible when wearing your LASERTRON uniform must be appropriate for a family environment. Tattoos will be evaluated by management and will be covered at all times if deemed not appropriate.

Having read the above, fill out the application only if you are capable of fulfilling
the duties of a LASERTRON employee.

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Name and Location, Years Attended, Date Graduated, Subjects Studied
For closing shifts you may work approximately two hours past closing time.
Current Hours:
Thursday 3p-10p
Friday 3p-11p
Saturday 1p-11p
Sunday 1p-10p
Monday – Wednesday: available for private events
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